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Poker room

Casino Atrium poker room Prague

Atrium Prague Poker Room is part of the Casino Atrium operated since 1998, in one of the finest hotel Prague Hilton. Casino provides guests all the comforts and services of the highest professional level. We are also a partner of the European Poker Tour, which organizes regularly with us. If you fancy a game we are here for you.

Casino is open every day non-sop We offer a lively game of American roulette, card game Black Jack, Texas Hold’em, Pontoon, Caribbean Poker. You will also find a wide selection of AWP machines and VLT machines.

You can play with us in Czech Crowns (CZK) or Euros (EUR). For all players have free parking in the hotel garage or car park.

Atrium Prague Poker Room isn’t the only place where you can play with your friends or other players “just so”, is also the place where he held various tournaments. We try to get everybody to come into their own. We host and organize the tournament thus suitable for both beginners and professionals.