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Special offers

1. Players will stay 3 (to say three) nights at the Hotel.

2. The players themselves will deposit 10,000eur (to say ten thousand EUR) for a single person and 15,000eur (to say fifteen thousand EUR) for one double in cash, credit cards or traveler’s cheques.

3. To qualify a player must play a minimum of 200 eur (to say two hundred) at Roulette, Blackjack or Poker for a single deposit and must double his bets for a double deposit.

4. To qualify a player must play a minimum of 4 hours per day at above minimums.

5. The Casino will offer the below limits for;

a) Roulette

min 5 eur max 100 eur

min 25 eur max 200 eur (flat)

b) Blackjack

min 50 eur max 500 eur

c) Poker min 50 eur max 200 eur (for initial bet)

6. The Casino will provide for qualified players their;

a) Airline ticket at the day’s fare on economy class.

b) F&B (to be taken at Atrium Restaurant, when closed at the Bistro)

c) Transfers to and from Prague airport to the Hilton.

7. The Casino will not pay any extras as laundry, telephones, mini-bar, restaurant bills other than Atrium or the Bistro (This is up to the Casino Manager’s discretion).

8. If players are to stay more than 3 (to say three) nights at the Hotel, there will be an increase in the deposit. i. e.: For each extra night the double deposit will be raised by EUR 4,000 (to say four thousand EUR) and the single deposit will be raised by EUR 2,000 (to say two thousand EU

9. Players can not be qualified playing Texas Holde`m poker.


CEC a. s. Praha

Casino Atrium

N. Milutinovic

General Manager